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You never stayed at such a luxury camp!

We organise luxury camps with the help of the facilities of Europarcs de Biesbosch. Each week we sleep in our own camp house. De bedrooms provide us the ability to divide the group based on gender as well as age. The group accommodation has a beautiful garden. Here we can enjoy evening activities and enjoy our BBQ. The group accommodation has two floors, which each provide space for 12 participants. We only use both floors when the groups are bigger than 12 participants.

Each floor is equipped with several bathrooms. This feature ensures a division between boys and girls.

The resort has other facilities which we may use. Like a sport field for soccer, basketball or tennis among other things. Both indoor and outdoor pool and a large playground with inflatables.


Try all our activities during on of our camps.

Besides the water activities, we have several land activities which are executed during the camp. Examples of these activities are:

  • Longboarding (a big skateboard)
  • Supping (stand up paddling)
  • The mega trampoline, which can be used for many different tricks
  • Different sports and games

Besides these activities we are free to use the facilities of the park like the pools, sport fields and playgrounds.


Board Academy

Board Academy organises summer camps at their location in Europarcs Resort de Biesbosch in Dordrecht. The resort helps to create unforgettable summer camps. Can you think of anything better than taking a refreshing dive in an outside pool after an awesome longboard session, or to warm up in the camp house after a good wakeboard session.

Since the first day our motto is “Water sports is for everybody, come ride with us!”. Up to the present day this is still the case, which can be seen at the Jobe Summercamps. We at Jobe Summercamps try to teach water sports on a responsible manner, within everyone’s individual possibilities, under professional guidance from Board Academy.

At Board Academy we believe that water sports are a possibility for everybody. For this reason, we have adjusted our boat (Mastercraft Prostar 205v) with special equipment (a teaching rod). Because of this it is possible to teach the basics of wakeboarding easily. This creates the possibility to enjoy our summer camps. Even when you have no experience. During the lessons your camp buddies will cheer you on, which will help you in improving your wakeboard skills step by step.



Board Academy and Salt Kitesurfschool now organise kitesurf camps! Join this adventures camp to learn and experience how awesome kitesurfing is!

We work with educated instructors during our summer camps. The instructors either work for Board Academy or Salt Kitesurfschool. We only work with instructors who have a VOG. Every instructor working during our camps has participated in education to be pedagogically justified. The welfare of our participants is most important to us.

Kitesurfers depend on the weather. If there is no wind, we can’t surf. But don’t worry, there are many more activities at Board Academy like; wakeboarding, stand up paddling (SUP), longboarding, archery tag and many more. In short, our kitesurf camp promises a week filled with fun!


Aftermovie Wakeboardcamp 2020


Here is an example of a week at our summer camp. Although every week is different due to the weather, this video is still an impression of what a week at our wakeboardcamp will look like.

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