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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of questions that we mostly receive, please check below if we answered your question. If you have further questions or want to now something else, please contact us!

What language will be spoken during the camp?

Since our native language is dutch and most of our participants are dutch, of course a lot of dutch will be spoken. However in every camp we will have some international participants, ranging from kids all over the world. our main language will be english, in the netherlands english is teached from an early age so that won’t be a problem. Our staff also speaks german, spanish and french. language will probably not be an issue during the camp.

What time does the camp start?

Camp starts at 10.00 am but we can receive you from 09:45 am. Once everyone arrived, we give a small tour around the park, parents are welcome to join the tour but it’s not a must.

What time does the camp end?

The camp ends on friday at 2 pm, your pickup should be there between 1.30 and 4.30 pm.

What is the location of the camp?

The camp will take place at the following address:

Europarcs Resort de Biesbosch
Rijksstraatweg 186
3316 EJ Dordrecht
The Netherlands

There is no public transportation to this location.

Can you pick me up from a train/bus station nearby?

This might be possible after consultation.

I don’t have transportation, can you guys pick me up?

It depends, feel free to contact us and we’ll arrange something!

What should I bring?

After your booking you will receive a packing list, this contains all the items you need.

Do I need to bring money to the camp?

It’s not necessary to bring money. The camp includes all meals, snacks and enough to drink!

I want to bring my friends/brother/sister will that work?

Sure, the more the better… let us know when you make your booking, so we can arrange this before you come. You can also check out this page to do a group booking.

I have a medical condition or something i want you to be aware off, can you take this into account?

Of course, we’ll do our very best to consider everyone’s preferences and/or medical conditions. However, we would like to talk to you first, so we can figure out if we can provide everything your son or daughter needs.

Do you have to be sporty to participate?

Everyone is welcome at the Jobe Summer Camps. We practice water sports behind the boat individually. This means that our instructors can give everyone personal feedback. Our biggest motivation is to bring joy to the participants. Summer camp should be an awesome experience. Even though all our instructors are educated, it’s still important that the participant has some affinity towards water sports.

I dont have experience with watersports, does that matter?

That’s not a problem! Our instructors are professional and experienced sports instructors and who love a challenge. They are happy to transfer the “water-sport-virus” to all the participants. However, a swimming certificate is an absolute must!

I have my own gear, can I bring this?

We leave this decision to the participant. Board Academy has all the gear you’ll need to practice water sports. However, we do understand that using your own gear is always a bit better. Therefore, you are free to bring it, but it will also be your own responsibility.

What do we get to eat during the camps?

We offer a variety of different healthy and tasty meals, offcourse we will have a BBQ, but our meal plan is based on the activities!

I have allergies or am on a diet, does this matter?

We will make sure we will adapt to your needs, let us know before the camp so we can talk about this.

What if my kid doesn’t feel at home?

Our capable and well trained instructors have experience in group dynamics and behaviour, this will make sure you kid does feel welcome. we have 24/7 guidance during the camps. if there would be anything we will call and discuss how we move forward. but luckily this has never happend, so we are sure your kid is in good hands with us.

I see some activties and think they could be dangerous?

Though we are aware wakeboarding is an extreme sport, our instructors will guide all participants based on there own skill level, we will make sure everything will be safe, this way the activities we offer will not be more dangerous that a sport they try during a gymclass.

Is there any relaxation during the camp?

Offcourse we offer monents of relaxation, it is a vacation after all… we have movie and game nights and we make sure participants get to relax between activities.

Can i reach my child during the camp?

Yes, please get in touch with our camp coordinator and he will make sure that you can reach your child.

Can i bring my phone?

Yes, but your phone isnt allowed during our activities, bring your phone at your own risk because we will be an the water a lot 😉

I forgot something during the camp, can we arrange something?

Sure, get in touch with us and we will check if we can find it for you, after we will discuss how to get it back to you!

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